Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Secret of love at first sight

Love at first sight still mystery for centuries, but at this time scientist known that where is the real love at first sight or not. If man eyes and woman eyes met and feel happy that can we say as love signal? Maybe it can be love, maybe not. But according to scientists there must be have condition, they must stare at least 8.2 second or more that can be say there is love. If man can’t able stared more than 4 second, there have possibility that man not so interested to that woman. The same thing happened to woman. Scientists put hidden camera and recorded 115 college students when they talk to actor and actress. Then scientist asked them how much their interest level. This research found that man will give attention more than 8.2 second if their interested. If less that 4 second that mean they don’t have interest. Men will stare beautiful actress eyes more than 8.2 and only 4.5 second if they don’t have interest. Women college student to the same thing to handsome actor, that reported by Archives of Sexual Behavior Journal. Scientists believe men used eyes contact to measure fertility level of his spouse target. Meanwhile women more think about don’t want going pregnant from men that they don’t want it or be single parent.



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