Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Man Lie Six Times a Day

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Often man get accused have sweet mouth if they face woman. All of their boast maybe come out to get attention from woman who they targeted. This lie habit looks like close with man. Survey that already have done by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment showed that man lie twice as many than woman do. This survey implemented in order for launched of DVD “Lie to Me” Season 1 that showed man can be lie six times a day and woman only lie three times a day. Man has became big liar creature, even their never choose to whom their lie, begin from their boss, supervisor, partners, or friends. Survey had been taken from respondents in England territory. “Man can be lie average six times a day including to their boss or partners. So a week man can lie 42 times, and 2,184 times in year, meanwhile woman only lie three times a day,” explains spokesman from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. Then, what lie that often man done? Survey answer clarified that is when man says, ”There are nothing happened, I am fine,” even their in not fine condition. Psychologist also gesture expert, Richard Newman said that someone easily lied because many person can’t read their talk opponent. “Gesture is the best way to determine someone lie or not.” But don't forget about another fact likes Ashton Kutcher said that Men Lie More, Women Lie Better!



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