Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Five Secrets of Love

Do you know some facts about love? Experts believe love is good. Love makes you health, happy, and wrinkle face free. This is some fact about love that can give positive influence to your family, friend, job and many more.
  1. Loves is like chocolate. There are some reasons wht newly wed never feel bored with their spouse. Love likes have chemical addicted. Falling in love stimulate comfortness and happiness center that located in brain and increased dopamine production, chemicals substance determine comfortness that cause addicted feel. This is same likes we eat chocolate when you feel hard to eat only one piece. You want more. Dopamine passion is part of chemical substance that push your heart feeling, inceased energy and sharpen you ability to focus on your spouse. Something new also stimulate dopamine.
  2. “He is the one”. Do you know he or she the right one to be your life partner? Research showed, by instinct from sense of smell, woman can known what kind man that suitable for her and become her husband and give her children. There something makes woman feel interest to man is their pheromone hormone, that is uniquely chemical substance produce by sex hormone. Women have good ability to detect pheromone during ovulation time when her sense of smell increased. If you like what you smell, your estrogen and passion will increase.
  3. Married not make crazy. Don’t you care or listened if people said married is like hell or always fight with your spouse. Reasearch proven that married help you to fix and recovery your mental health also reduce your depression. They are who not married precisely big possibility to get depression.
  4. Father’s love very influence. If you say there is no more remarkable than to see a father holding their child or baby with care and love. You are right. If father hold their children with love, so clearly the father drain his strong hormone to that child or baby. This can we see very well in human or animal. Testoterone hormone (agression hormone) level decrease, but connection between oksitosine hormone and vasopresine hormone increase that cause closely feel.
  5. Sex make ageless. True, people who makes love 4-5 times a week looks 10 years younger than them who only makes love twice a week. Research showed, testoteron that come out when orgasm help man keep their muscle mass. For woman, estrogen hormone during makes love help their hair look shiner and softly skin that one sign of ageless.



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